More Than Just Landscaping

Hargraves Lawn Care offers a variety of residential services aimed to beautify your surroundings.

Every homeowner wants a beautifully-groomed lawn they would be proud to call their own. But unless one was a professional landscaper, it's a tough job that's extremely difficult and time-consuming. Installing healthy trees, colorful flower beds, and other forms of foliage require more planning and resource-gathering than one could handle

Landscape Design

We offer a design service where a photo of your existing landscaping is loaded into our software and we can completely change the landscaping based on your preferences. This will give you a visual to see how the project will look after it is complete and allow us to price the job more accurately.

Hardscape Design

Hardscaping can also be crafted along with landscaping to create marvelous and unique front or backyards. With our services, we have created wonderful amenities such as patios, gardens, and water streams, adding a touch of luxury and style to households. We have the expertise to build retaining walls, patios and walkways, that tie in beautifully with your new or pre-existing surroundings.


Aeration & Overseeding

Our approach to restoring sections of your lawn without entirely replacing it is by aerating and seeding. Aerating allows oxygen, moisture, and new grass seeds to get underneath the turf deeper and not get washed by rain, so that grass can grow more effectively. This is an affordable solution but does take a number of weeks for results. If you want faster results, please refer to the Lawn Installation service.

Tree And Shrub Trimming

Your safety and how plants impact your safety is often overlooked. Having shrubs and trees near your doorway and windows can offer a place for someone to hide. We encourage our customers to have their trees and shrubs trimmed on a regular basis to keep the plants healthy and the family safe.

Clean Up And Regular Maintenance

For lawns with too many leaves, lots of debris, too many weeds, and/or grass that is too tall to mow with a regular mower, we offer services to bring your neglected lawn back to normal. We offer scheduled lawn-mowing services for residential customers who do not have the time or energy to maintain their lawns each week.

As you can see, we are an extremely versatile company that works with several vendors and suppliers to allow us to provide you with lots of alternatives and options. And do not forget: we offer free consultations and estimates.